ODFW West Region Fish Research Projects

The Corvallis Research Laboratory is the headquarters for ODFW's West Region and Conservation and Recovery fish research programs.

Results are available through the Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Tracker and project web pages. Progress and Information Reports and other data can be found at the ODFW Data Clearinghouse.

Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds monitoring projects:

Salmonid Life Cycle Monitoring (LCM) - Adult and juvenile fish trapping

Oregon Adult Salmonid Inventory & Sampling (OASIS) - Spawning ground surveys

Aquatic Inventories (AQI) - Aquatic and riparian habitat and juvenile snorkel surveys

Lower Columbia Chum Salmon Reintroduction

Native Fish Investigations

Fish Research Evaluation Data & Decision Support (REDD)

Coastal Chinook Research and Monitoring Program (CCRMP)

Fish Life History Analysis (FLHAP)

Willamette Salmonid RM&E

East Region Fish Research

Wildlife Research